Stepanova graduated in Choreographic Art from the Saint Petersburg Conservatory ³, Russia (The . Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory), where she studied with Gabriella Komleva , Nikita Dolgushin and Nicolai Boyarchikov , great dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre (before Kirov Ballet ) and of the Mikhaylovsky Theatre (before Maly Theatre) both in Saint Petersburg.

Tatiana's first major musical project was as the character, "Jane", in the 1984 live stage performance, Kuman , a Mexican rock opera about a Tarzan-like character. The show's 1984 album soundtrack also entitled Kuman was released under the group name, Cristal y Acero ‒ the rock trio consisting of guitarist Icar Smith, bassist Carlos Ortega, and drummer Samuel Shapiro. [1]

Tatiana - Vientos En LibertadTatiana - Vientos En LibertadTatiana - Vientos En LibertadTatiana - Vientos En Libertad